Skysteppers : World Book Day 2021 by Katherine Rundell (Author)

City Pupils are entitled to one free book from the World Book Day titles for this year. If you would like to reserve and collect, email the manager and he will put one aside.

High above the streets of Paris live the rooftoppers, a secret gang of children who eat, sleep and tumble amongst the chimney pots. It’s a perilous life, but for Matteo and Mercedes the adventure is only just beginning. Caught up in a long-standing feud that threatens their existence amongst the stars, they find themselves on a hunt across Paris, tearing across the roofs of Versailles and the Louvre, searching for hidden treasure in a race against Henri Danglars – the enemy who would seek to destroy that which they love best.

From bestselling and multiple-award-winning author Katherine Rundell, this joyful new story of the rooftoppers of Paris is full of her trademark bravery and adventure. It’s a treat just waiting to be discovered.


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