John Carpenter Bookshop

at the City of London School


Lockdown News: Bookshop Still Posting Out

The site is taking orders as usual and is posting out for a flat rate of £3. During the first lockdown we posted out almost 1000 books to pupils, parents, staff and members of the public. Don’t forget, we also take National Booktokens which can be redeemed at checkout either against the full cost of the transaction, or in conjunction with a paypal payment. However, please note that these can only be used to purchase books. Enjoy!

Bargain books available

Shop Accounts

Shop Accounts: If you are a pupil at City and have credit on account with us, you can still access it, just email us with any requests and we can post out. There is no way to link bookshop credit with this website at the moment, but we’re working on it!


General Public

The bookshop is located inside a School so is not accessible to the public during lockdown. However, we have many friends in the community who have supported us over the years with email orders. You are also welcome to use this site, however we are unable to offer a click and collect service and can only post orders to members of the public.

Sadly, too many people no longer have a local indie bookseller, so we’d be delighted if you adopted us! For more information click on ‘About Us’ at the top of the page.