Joe Nutt

Joe Nutt taught English at CLS from 1992-2000. He was seconded by the DfE to work on designing online resources before becoming Director of Learning Evolution with Digitalbrain. Joe then joined RM, the UK’s largest education group, in 2004 as their Senior Educational Specialist, winning RM’s first ever Entrepreneur of the Year competition in 2009. He moved to CfBT, now the Education Development Trust, as Principal Consultant, leaving them in September 2011. He has subsequently worked as a consultant for a number of leading businesses including Deloitte, NFER, Mouchel, and RTI International.

He has led a number of major educational projects including the national intranet for Scotland, Glow, which won the Global Learning Impact Award in 2009.

Joe wrote his first book for Macmillan, John Donne: the Poems, while still at CLS, and went on to complete two more commissions for them; An Introduction to Shakespeare’s Late Plays and A Guidebook Paradise Lost, published in September 2011. In 2019 he published The Point of Poetry, with Unbound and then a year later, Teaching English for the Real World for John Catt in May 2020. He has also written for a number of magazines, including The Spectator, Areo and Spiked and wrote a fortnightly column for TES between 2015-19.

He publishes research for the thinktank CIEO and is frequently asked to speak at major educational conferences, most often about educational research or technology.

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