Cards & Prints by Chloe Campbell

Chloe is an Artist who specialises in drawings and papercuts of beautiful architecture; her portfolio includes commissions of Stratfield Saye House – Wellington Estate, Somerley House – Somerley Estate, Gelston House & Castle – Gelston Castle Estate, Lambeth Palace, Hampton Court Palace and the Palace of Versailles. Chloe is currently collaborating with an architectural heritage charity called The Friends of the City Churches to make a series of papercuts of the beautiful and unique churches found within the square mile of the City of London that the charity is dedicated to preserving.

She specialised in painting at the University of Edinburgh, during her master’s degree in Fine Art and History of Art. Her academic talents were underlined when her dissertation became part of the library collections at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. More practically, her drawing, painting, collage and printmaking skills were refined on the Drawing Intensive Course at the Royal Drawing School. In 2021 Chloe was invited to become a member of the Paper Artist Collective, an Artist Collective of Paper Artists from all over the world. You can read about the artistic process of Chloe’s papercutting technique here.

Chloe’s drawings, papercuts and prints have been avidly collected and commissioned by private art collectors from the UK, Copenhagen, Sydney, Capetown and New York. Whether it is your favourite iconic building, cityscape, church or a place that means a lot to you, book Chloe for a commission. Or browse her shop for her papercuts and limited edition prints and cards of her original drawings and papercuts. 

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