Breaking: A compelling debut from a new voice in Irish crime fiction (Hardback) Amanda Cassidy (author)

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It’s every mother’s worst fear
On a sun-hazed afternoon in the Florida Keys, a child goes missing from the beach. Dr Mirren Fitzpatrick appeals to the world to help find her eight-year-old adopted daughter. The family are on holiday from Ireland, far from home and desperate to return there as they arrived – together.

Yet the police are immediately suspicious of Mirren. She was drinking at a bar – alone – shortly before reporting that her youngest child had disappeared. As rumours abound about Mirren’s past a trial-by-media ensues, and she is turned from a figure of pity to the villain of the piece.

And then a small body is found dumped in the ocean. Is Mirren a heartbroken mother, or the architect of her daughter’s fate?

A stunning debut from a brilliant new voice in Irish crime fiction, perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and Ashley Audrain. Breaking will see readers question their own notions of motherhood, guilt and the inescapable consequences of the past.

Praise for Breaking
‘This story draws you in immediately… There is a real freshness to Cassidy’s approach to storytelling. And the ending is as disturbing and moving as those opening beach-scene pages.’ Daily Mail

‘Another great debut, this twisty crime thriller had me gripped from the very first page! A new voice in Irish crime fiction – an author to watch.’ Prima

‘A rich, gut-punch of a crime thriller that delivers a confronting examination of maternal love and the expectations that weigh so heavily on women, even in their most unthinkably dark moments. In both pace and prose, Breaking is a hugely satisfying debut.’ Ashley Audrain, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Push

‘I LOVED the story and the twists! Expert plotting and great characters made it an emotional read. It had me guessing throughout and kept me turning the pages at speed.’ Patricia Gibney, author of The Guilty Girl

‘Wonderfully compelling and at times, painfully sharp. A searing interrogation of motherhood and media… this is a beautifully constructed and beguiling debut novel.’ Andrea Mara, author of All Her Fault

‘Amanda Cassidy captures a mother’s guilt perfectly… this a compelling, intriguing and thoroughly engaging read. Amanda is a very talented new voice in Irish writing.’ Liz Nugent, author of Our Little Cruelties

‘A contender for thriller of the year. Breaking dazzles from the opening line. Powerful, sharp and moving, with an ending that flabbergasts.’ Glenn Meade, author of Unquiet Ghosts

‘Wonderfully tense and uneasy, Breaking is a complex exploration of what it means to be a mother and the history that haunts us. A gripping read.’ Louisa Scarr, author of Blink of an Eye

‘This dazzling debut takes us inside a parent’s worst nightmare. Masterful story-telling, breakneck pacing and compelling characters kept me glued all the way to the explosive final pages and their disturbing revelations. Addictive, unnerving and utterly unmissable.’ Sophie White, author and Sunday Independent columnist

‘Outstanding debut… What a brilliant novel.’ Sheila Bugler, author of You Were Always Mine

‘An awesome debut. I felt the book was very well written and well paced, with plenty of intrigue, twists and turns, keeping me hooked from the outset.’ Reader Review

‘Cassidy writes with such an assured, confident voice I can’t believe this is her debut. And what a cracker of an ending…’ Reader Review

‘A tense and riveting read that had me hooked from the start with plenty of twists to keep you guessing. A fantastic debut and I already can’t wait to see what comes next…’ Reader Review

Publisher: Canelo
ISBN: 9781804360088
Number of pages: 304
Dimensions: 234 x 156 x 27 mm

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