CASIO Graphics Calculator FX-9750GII – (Ex-Shop Stock but still in packaging)


CASIO FX-9750GII Graphic Calculator

The FX-9750G11 is a modern dynamic graphic calculator, capable of quick graphing and analysis of conic expressions in rectangular, polar and parametric formats. The calculator also has a built in catalogue of functions to help find unfamiliar commands.

In addition to the basic arithmetic operations, functions such as graph drawing (GRAPH), calculation tables (TABLE) and calculations using equations (EQUA) provide all the basic functions that your learning requires, offering full educational support.

Built for the rigours of classroom and student life, the FX-9750GII is built from hard wearing materials and includes a protective case.

Please Note

We have had this in stock for almost 5 years, it’s been stored carefully and it’s still in it’s original packaging. The price reflects this.

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