Creepy Creations: World Book Day 2024 – Dread Wood (Paperback) Jennifer Killick (author)


The brand new World Book Day adventure and must-read middle-grade novel from the author of super-spooky Crater Lake. Perfect for 9+ fans of R.L.Stine’s Goosebumps.

“Deliciously scary and hilarious comedy-horror, perfectly pitched for eight-plus.”

The Guardian on Dread Wood

Dread Wood High is a school like no other! Angelo and his friends are used to battling horrifying creatures at school – giant spiders that fire poison darts, brain biting worms that burrow into your flesh and vampire birds that drink your blood! These terrifying beasts were brought to life by crazed caretakers-slash scientists, the Latchitts And they aren’t finished yet . . .

In this exclusive World Book Day story, Angelo and the
rest of Club Loser must venture deep into the tunnels underneath Dread Wood High to rescue their favourite teacher, Mr Canton. But more hideous creations live in the Latchitts’ old laboratories . . . and they’re hungry! Can Club Loser stop these creatures from escaping into the world and make it out in one piece? Read it and see, if you dare!

An epic, pulse-racing, sci-fi adventure, perfect for readers aged 8+.

For more edge-of-your-seat adventures check out the whole

Dread Wood series – Dread Wood, Fear Ground, Flock Horror, Deadly Deep and Fright Bite.

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9780008652074
Number of pages: 112
Weight: 60 g
Dimensions: 178 x 111 x 8 mm

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