Death and Croissants – A Follet Valley Mystery (Paperback) Ian Moore (author)


Richard is a middle-aged Englishman who runs a B&B in the fictional Val de Follet in the Loire Valley. Nothing ever happens to Richard, and really that’s the way he likes it.

One day, however, one of his older guests disappears, leaving behind a bloody handprint on the wallpaper. Another guest, the exotic Valerie, persuades a reluctant Richard to join her in investigating the disappearance.

Richard remains a dazed passenger in the case until things become really serious and someone murders Ava Gardner, one of his beloved hens… and you don’t mess with a fellow’s hens!

Publisher: Duckworth Books
ISBN: 9781788424233
Number of pages: 288
Dimensions: 198 x 129 mm


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