Eject! Eject! (Hardback) John Nichol (author)


‘Eject! Eject!’

When the call is made to abandon an aircraft, it’s only the beginning of the story…

From the Sunday Times bestselling writer John Nichol comes a brilliant new book that reveals the astonishing story of an invention that has saved many thousands of lives around the world, including his own: the ejection seat.

Nichol tells the remarkable tale of how the ejection seat was first conceived during the Second World War as countless lives were lost in accidents and in battle. In the wake of the war, that technological race to save aircrew lives using explosive seats continued at an incredible pace. Nichol tells the story of the brave men who risked their lives testing those early devices, and interviewed the first British pilot to eject back in 1949, when ejection, from pulling the handle to being under the parachute, took thirty seconds. Today, that figure is down to around one second.

Packed with interviews with aircrew who know exactly how it feels to ‘Bang Out’ from an aircraft at high speed, both in peace and in war, the book gives the reader a vivid sense of what that life-saving experience feels like, but also features the moving accounts of what happens next, from the viewpoint of both the crews and their families, who often have little or no information about whether or not their loved ones have survived.

Because ejecting is just the start of a journey…

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
ISBN: 9781398509405
Number of pages: 496
Dimensions: 234 x 153 mm

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