Freddie Mercury: A Legendary Voice (Hardback) Ernesto Assante (author)

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A singer, songwriter, an inimitable performer: Freddie Mercury has left his mark on the popular culture of the last 50 years, and his music has influenced the imaginary of different generations, defying the definition of musical genre itself. The biggest voice of its generation and probably of all music’s history in a celebratory volume, 30 years after his passing (1991-2021). A must-have volume for every collection: an ever-selling title filled with photographs to outline the polyhedral character of Mercury through his life and his music. An intimate story of a great frontman and its band, who changed the way of doing music within the strict borders of musical genre.

Publisher: White Star
ISBN: 9788854418059
Number of pages: 208
Dimensions: 253 x 207 mm

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