Frontline Heroes Hardcover – Illustrated, 17 Aug. 2020 by MJ Hiblen (Author)

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Now, here, is the ultimate edition to celebrate the year of the everyday heroes, who changed our way of seeing the world of work and heroism – a picture book without words, timeless, universal, and finally, both heart-breaking and ennobling. Frontline Heroes is the book to give to anyone who has known and appreciated these heroes, or who wants to recall the best part of ourselves, in the worst of times. With an Introduction by comic legend Geof Isherwood (Marvel illustrator of Dr Strange, Thor and other classic titles).

Featuring frontline workers battling and defeating the Coronavirus – in hospitals, in shops, and on our streets. With over 40 full-colour illustrations, and black and white sketches. 88 pages, High-Quality paper, Hardcover.

This first-run limited edition of 1000 copies is both an historic document of who we are, and a beautiful work in its own right. One of the books of 2020.

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Frontline Heroes


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