Secrets of the Forest: 15 Bedtime Stories Inspired by Nature (Hardback) Alicia Klepeis (author), Kristen Adam (illustrator), Neon Squid (author)

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“This is a stunningly crafted tome with luscious artwork and delightful bite-sized bedtime stories that should be treasured by families and handed down through generations to come.” –The Independent, CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE WEEK

A beautifully illustrated collection of 5 minute bedtime stories about the wildlife found in woods around the world.

Every forest contains a thousand secrets… In this charming anthology of stories by Alicia Klepeis readers will be guided into forests to meet the amazing animals that live there. In one story a squirrel hunts for an elusive acorn it buried earlier in the year, while another looks at an Alaskan wood frog as it freezes itself alive to survive a harsh winter. Children will be thrilled by the tale of a reindeer that gets separated from its herd in the snowy woods of Scandinavia, and marvel at a chameleon changing colour in the forests of Madagascar.

Other stories feature elephants, wild cats, pangolins, badgers, foxes, monarch butterflies, otters, walking fish, a tree that can live for thousands of years, and even forest-dwelling penguins! All of these creatures and their habitats are brought to life with impressive skill by illustrator Kristen Adam.

Each story in Secrets of the Forest is based on the real biology and behaviour of these amazing wild animals, and at the end of each tale readers will find out more about the science that inspired the story. So as they drift off to sleep, they will know a little bit more about the world around them.

The cover features a timeless design with colourful foil and a cloth texture, making this book the perfect gift.

Publisher: Priddy Books
ISBN: 9781838992842
Number of pages: 160
Weight: 907 g
Dimensions: 262 x 224 x 23 mm

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