The Lathe Of Heaven – S.F. MASTERWORKS (Paperback) Ursula K. Le Guin (author)


George Orr is a mild and unremarkable man who finds the world a less than pleasant place to live: seven billion people jostle for living space and food. But George dreams dreams which do in fact change reality – and he has no means of controlling this extraordinary power.

Psychiatrist Dr William Haber offers to help. At first sceptical of George’s powers, he comes to astonished belief. When he allows ambition to get the better of ethics, George finds himself caught up in a situation of alarming peril.

Few writers in any genre can claim to have had the range and influence of Ursula K. Le Guin. Championed for her ground-breaking works of science fiction and fantasy, Le Guin’s work was diverse and wide-ranging, encompassing more than short stories, novels, poetry, essays, books for children and works of translation.

She remains best-known for her landmark series Earthsea – a wise and stunning saga of a world where wizards and dragons mutually coexist – which gradually evolved to become a singular touchstone of imaginative fantasy. Simultaneously, Le Guin forged an enviable reputation within science fiction, hoovering up prizes, including numerous Nebula and Hugo Awards, and establishing a vital feminist foothold in a traditionally male-dominated discipline. Her 1969 novel The Left Hand of Darkness, set on a genderless planet banked in ice, is regarded to this day as a profound exploration of imagination and our understanding of society and identity.

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