The Missing Pieces of Mum (Hardback) Sally Herbert (author)

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A stolen past, a search for the truth, two lives changed forever

Born out of wedlock in Dublin in 1937, Phyllis grew up in a tough, church run orphanage. She thought by fulfilling her dream to become a nurse in England, her life might change, but her loveless childhood predisposed a loveless marriage and things began to spiral out of control for her and for her daughter, Sally.

Looking for the answers to why both their lives went so spectacularly wrong, led Sally to ask questions about the real identity of her mother: “Who was she? Why was she abandoned… I needed to find answers before it was too late.”

After a mission lasting nearly a decade of searching archives and contacting various organisations, charities and anyone who would listen, Sally finally uncovered the truth.

Publisher: Ad Lib Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781914451041
Number of pages: 336
Dimensions: 216 x 135 mm

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