The Secret Lives of Animals (Hardback) Greg McLeod (author)

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The natural world is full of awesome surprises, and the animal kingdom is no exception. As The Secret Lives of Animals reveals, it seems that the more we discover about the unusual species that populate our planet, the more we understand just how ingenious, resourceful and downright creative they can be!

Did you know that red pandas are not only incredibly cute, but also master escape artists able to flee their enclosures in high security zoos all over the world with alarming frequency? Or that beautiful manta rays have not only been observed recognizing their own reflection in mirrors, but are also able to identify friendly divers and ask for their help when they’re in a bit of a jam? Or that elephants, as well as having famously impressive memories, are also sophisticated communicators who send signals to each other using a wide range of body language? Or that parrots, as well as being amazing mimics, are able to learn dance moves? YouTube star Snowball, the dancing cockatoo, has a very entertaining fourteen-move repertoire.

With charming and humorous illustrations from BAFTA-award-winning artist Greg McLeod (half of The Brothers McLeod), The Secret Lives of Animals is a window into some of the most complex and impressive minds of the animal kingdom, revealing the little-known skills and natural intuition that have allowed them to survive – and often have a little fun along the way.

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The Secret Lives of Animals


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