Tree Slayer – Tree Magic 2 (Paperback) Harriet Springbett (author)


Nine months after the events of Tree Magic, Rainbow is struggling to come to terms with how she’s changed. Her bond with trees has grown and she’s found a way to work with them. But Amrita’s warnings about a Tree Slayer are gaining strength and Rainbow can no longer ignore them.

To protect France’s woodland, she’ll need to save the One Tree, although its whereabouts remains a mystery. To find it, Rainbow will have to leave everything she knows and loves. It will be her greatest challenge yet – but she cannot succeed alone. She’ll have to enlist the help of Eole, an enigmatic scientist and sceptic.

Rainbow’s journey through mountains and forests will increase her understanding of the tree world and of herself. But her life is at risk. Does she have what it takes to face the Tree Slayer? And can she trust Eole, who has powers of his own?

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