Under the Open Skies (Hardback) Markus Torgeby (author)

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For anyone who enjoys the outdoor life, or wants to escape from their normal confines of home and office, this book is a perfect inspiration. In the vein of Lars Mytting’s Norwegian Wood or Erling Kagge’s SilenceUnder the Open Skies: A Practical Guide to Living Close to Nature combines escapism and adventure with a love of nature and the desire for a simpler life.

Twenty years ago, Markus Torgeby traded his hectic urban lifestyle for a small hut in the forests of northern Sweden. He ended up living there for four years, in perfect solitude and in harmony with nature. Today, he and his wife Frida and their three children live in a house he built with his own hands, near the site where he once survived on nothing but oatmeal, river water and the forest’s own pantry.

Framed with stunning photographs taken by Frida, Under the Open Skies is the story of Markus’s journey from broken youth, to living alone in the forest, to a self-healed family man. Torgeby is proof of the restorative powers of the outdoors and his descriptions of living close to naturecombine everyday philosophy and inspirational insights with helpful advice as he shares how to make fire, the best techniques for chopping logs and how best to forage for food.

Part practical guide to how to live in the wild, part a meditation on the human need for a connection with the natural worldUnder the Open Skiesis the beguiling and timely portrait of how the desire for a simpler existence helped one man find contentment and connection with the world around him, and how we can all learn from his experience.

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