TrooFriend (Paperback) Kirsty Applebaum


The author of the powerful The Middler, Kirsty Applebaum returns with another tour de force, TrooFriend. Sarah’s super busy parents decide to invest in a TrooFriend 560 Mark IV – a robot buddy to keep their daughter company. This wonderfully thought-provoking story deals with some important questions about AI, friendship, compassion and what makes us human, and does it with exquisite subtlety. Thoughtful and warm, TrooFriend delights and moves in equal measure.

Imagine having the perfect friend, one who never steals, lies or bullies. Now you can, with the TrooFriend 560, the latest in artificial intelligence! What can go wrong with a robot buddy? Especially one that’s developing human characteristics and feelings, and who has just run away with her human?

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